Screen Industry Statistics

Outlined below is a range of New Zealand screen industry statistics

Advertising Expenditure

An annual survey of advertising expenditure across a range of media. The base data can be found on the Advertising Standards Authority  website otherwise it is graphed by Tim Thorpe Consulting here.

Box Office Receipts

Weekly updates of box office receipts on the Motion Picture Distributors’ Association website. Adjusted periodically by Tim Thorpe Consulting for inflation and population growth here or as displayed on the Christchurch Press website here.


Research undertaken by NZ On Air including its annual Audience Survey. Tim Thorpe Consulting has advised NZ On Air on its research programme and individual research projects.

Screen Industry Survey

An annual survey of the screen industry by Statistics New Zealand. Tim Thorpe Consulting has been a member of the stakeholder advisory group since the inception of the survey in 2003.

Television Ratings

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