Outlined below are activities in which Tim Thorpe Consulting is involved, media appearances and submissions. These include:

First Tuesday of Every Month
Wellington Game Developers Meetups (co-founded by Tim Thorpe Consulting)

May 2016 Christchurch Press
Film Analyst: Wilderpeople needs to double box office to become Kiwi No. 1

June 2014 NZ Herald
Film Industry Boss Will Chase Private Money
Article by John Drinnan (with comment by Tim Thorpe Consulting)

January 2014 Christchurch Press
Best Kiwi Films of All Time (with analysis of box office receipts by Tim Thorpe Consulting)

March 2013 Te Papa Game Masters Forum, Wellington
ScreenHub Articles
Into The Futures
Beyond Entertainment
Get it Right Get It Better
Industry Coming Of Age

November 2012 Screen Production and Development Association (SPADA) Conference, Wellington
ScreenHub Article
NZ Children’s Drama No Funding No Future

November 2012 Animfx Conference, Wellington
ScreenHub Article
Back to the Future 

November 2011 Screen Production and Development Association (SPADA) Conference, Auckland
ScreenHub Articles
Rating the Ratings
Drama of the Moment 

November 2011 Animfx Conference, Wellington
ScreenHub Articles
By The Numbers
Statistical Picture of World Industry

TVNZ – NZI Business
26 March 2010 TVNZ Interview
NZ Film and TV Industry May Slide – Analyst