Research and Analysis

Tim Thorpe Consulting has managed research programmes and projects as well as undertaken research and analysis for a number of digital media organisations.

This includes:

Film NZ

A comparison across a range of countries of the level of “fringe” benefits paid to crew eg superannuation, union fees. It is important for international productions wishing to shoot in New Zealand to be able to access such comparative data.

Investment NZ (formerly part of NZ Trade and Enterprise)

Researching investment and distribution opportunities for New Zealand television production companies; and compiling a database of offshore television funding opportunities.

Ministry for Culture and Heritage

A review of research into nationhood in New Zealand as well as research into screen industry training and orchestra funding.

NZ Film Commission

Compiling a database of offshore film funds in Australia and the United Kingdom; statistical input to the Sir Peter Jackson led review of the NZFC; and reviews of tertiary level training and skills shortages in the screen industry.

NZ Game Developers Association

Annual survey of the economic contribution of the video game development industry to the New Zealand economy.

NZ On Air

Helping to redesign NZ On Air’s research programme, and managing a number of research projects – including the 2014 communications survey and audience survey.

Otherwise undertaking an analysis of the economic impact of NZ On Air’s television funding (2008) expanded to include music and community broadcasting (2013); research into mainstream Maori television programming; research into programming (radio, television and online) for Pacific audiences in New Zealand; research into online broadcasting rights; statistical input into a review of NZ On Air’s domestic music promotion and funding schemes; and management of a survey of television documentary viewing and developing a documentary funding strategy

Recorded Music New Zealand

An analysis of the contribution of the music industry to the New Zealand economy (with PricewaterhouseCoopers) and an analysis of the feasibility of determining levels of piracy of recorded music in New Zealand and its impact on the economy.

Research and Analysis