Film NZ

Film New Zealand is New Zealand’s international film business agency and locations office providing information and support to filmmakers. In late 2015, Film NZ was absorbed into the NZ Film Commission.

Tim Thorpe Consulting undertook a comparison across a range of jurisdictions of the level of “fringe” benefits paid to crew eg superannuation, union fees. It is important for international productions wishing to shoot in New Zealand to be able to make realistic cost comparisons.

Film New Zealand


Investment NZ

Formerly the investment division of NZ Trade and Enterprise Investment NZ’s role was to facilitate foreign investment into New Zealand.

Tim Thorpe Consulting undertook two related projects for Investment NZ. These were researching investment and distribution opportunities for New Zealand television production companies; and compiling a database of offshore television funding opportunities.

Investment NZ



Libertine Pictures was the first company funded under the NZ Film Commission’s Business Development Scheme (BDS). The BDS provides funding of one million dollars over a three year period to support the development of screen production companies.

Libertine Pictures was established in 2013. Tim Thorpe Consulting provided strategic advice and assistance to Libertine Pictures on its funding application and company structure.


Ministry for Culture and Heritage

The Ministry for Culture and Heritage (MCH) is a government agency charged with supporting New Zealand culture and preserving its heritage. It funds a number of cultural institutions including NZ On Air and the NZ Film Commission; provides policy advice to government and otherwise provides research and other resources for public access.

Tim Thorpe Consulting has provided policy, operational and research assistance to MCH over a number of years. This has included reviewing and developing government’s screen production funding mechanisms (Screen Production Incentive Fund (SPIF), NZ Screen Production Grant (NZSPG)); contributing to a review of the screen industry including training; input into broadcasting policy particularly digital switchover (DSO), DTT extension and regional broadcasting; contributing to a review of government’s assistance to New Zealand orchestras; and a review of research into nationhood in New Zealand .
Ministry of Culture & Heritage

National Military Heritage Charitable Trust

The National Military Heritage Charitable Trust (Trust) runs Sir Peter Jackson’s Great War Exhibition at the Dominion Museum Building in Wellington and assists the development of similar enterprises elsewhere in New Zealand.

Tim Thorpe Consulting assisted in the development of a strategic plan and operational guidelines for the Trust, and also wrote an application to the NZ Lottery Grants Board for funding.


NZ Film Commission

The NZ Film Commission (NZFC) is a crown entity working to grow the New Zealand film industry.

Tim Thorpe Consulting has worked on various NZFC projects – compiling a database of offshore film funds in Australia and the United Kingdom; statistical input to the Sir Peter Jackson led review of the NZFC; reviews of tertiary level training and skills shortages in the screen industry and in-depth reports on interactive digital media.

NZ Film Commission

NZ Game Developers Association

The New Zealand Game Developers Association (NZGDA) was formed in 2001 to support and develop the video games development industry within New Zealand.

Tim Thorpe Consulting is a member of the NZGDA and undertakes an annual survey for the NZGDA of the economic contribution of the video game development industry to the New Zealand economy.

NZ Game Developers' Association


NZ On Air

NZ On Air is a government broadcast funding agency which invests in local television, radio, music and digital media content for New Zealand audiences.

Tim Thorpe Consulting has worked with NZ On Air on a number of occasions undertaking a range of research and analytical assignments. This includes helping to redesign NZ On Air’s research programme, and managing a number of research projects – including the 2014 communications survey and audience survey.

Projects to which Tim Thorpe Consulting has contributed directly include analysis of the economic impact of NZ On Air’s television funding (2008) expanded to include music and community broadcasting (2013); research into mainstream Maori television programming; research into programming (radio, television and online) for Pacific audiences in New Zealand; research into online broadcasting rights; statistical input into a review of NZ On Air’s domestic music promotion and funding schemes; and management of a survey of television documentary viewing and developing a documentary funding strategy

Tim has developed an excellent overview of the screen industry from his work with the Screen Council and various consulting assignments. He is a very good analyst, offering practical recommendations in often complex fields that bring together academic disciplines and sector strategy. He has undertaken work for NZ On Air and delivered timely and thoughtful reports.
Jane Wrightson, CEO, NZ On Air

NZ On Air


Recorded Music New Zealand

Recorded Music NZ (RMNZ) is the industry representation, advocacy and licensing organisation for recording artists and their labels.

Tim Thorpe Consulting has provided input into two projects for RMNZ – an analysis of the contribution of the music industry to the New Zealand economy (with PricewaterhouseCoopers) and an analysis of the feasibility of determining levels of piracy of recorded music in New Zealand and its impact on the economy.

recorded music nz


Screen Producers New Zealand (SPADA)

Screen Producers New Zealand is a non-profit organisation which represents producers and advocates for a robust and sustainable New Zealand screen production industry.

In 2013 Tim Thorpe Consulting undertook the first major review of SPADA’s operations and performance since it was established in 1982. In 2016, Tim Thorpe Consulting helped developed a strategic planning discussion paper on SPADA’s future directions in the television industry.

SPADA logo


Statistics New Zealand

Statistics New Zealand is a government department and New Zealand’s national statistical office. Every year since 2004 Statistics New Zealand has run a survey of the size and nature of the screen production industry.

Tim Thorpe wrote the original Cabinet paper in 2003 which led to the establishment of the screen industry survey and was part of the stakeholder advisory group for 8 years.

statistics nz


Te Mãngai Pãho

Te Mãngai Pãho (TMP) is a Crown Entity established to make funding available to the national network of Mãori radio stations and for the production and broadcast of Mãori language television programmes, radio programmes and music recordings.

Tim Thorpe Consulting assisted TMP to consolidate and update its funding policies and provided advice on intellectual property issues.

Tim has built a good working relationship with Te Mãngai Pãho from his time as Executive Director of the Screen Council. We have utilised his sector comparison work and have been impressed by his wide industry knowledge, technical ability and analysis skills. More recently, Tim, through his company Tim Thorpe Consulting Ltd, has completed project work for us which we have found to be constructive, accurate and timely. We will continue to call upon Tim for his knowledge of the television industry and government process when necessary.
John Bishara, CEO, Te Mãngai Pãho

te mangai paho logo